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Handle your guests’ requests, hassle-free

Save time arranging complimentary services for your guests. No phone calls, no emails, no follow-ups, Cohosting takes care of everything.

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Build by hospitality lovers for non professionals Holiday rentals host we have built an easy-to-use platform to help you manage your guests’ requests, hassle-free. An all-in-one dashboard to book, manage and control third-party services with real-time availability.

Our services, your services

Offer a selected range of professional services including airport pick-up, restaurants, tours, in-house services and many more...

Process all requests automatically

A 24/7 customer service for you and your guests. If something happens, we call the supplier.

If there's a problem, we will take care of it

A 24/7 customer service for you and your guests. If something happens, we call the supplier.

How it works

This is how we make sure your guests enjoy all your additional services.


Offer all your new services to your guests through the different channels available for you.


Manage all the requests automatically with Cohosting. It only takes two clicks.


Your guest confirms and you get commissions for each of the booked services requested by you.

Some of our suppliers are now yours

Here is a sample of all the things you can offer with Cohosting

Private Transfer

Tours and excursions

Restaurant bookings

Luggage transfer

Car rental


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Manage and keep track of everything

We have built a control panel so you can automatically request services for your guests, edit old requests and keep track of your income.

Handle all requests, hassle-free

Easily arrange and manage professional services including airport pick-up, parking, restaurants, tours, in-house services and many more...

Stay in full control

Automate all the back office work to properly manage, control and track all third-party services and guest requests in real-time.

Grow your business

Access suppliers' commissions and easily manage and create team policies.

Everything we do to help

In a nutshell, here is how we can help you handle guest requests, hassle-free.

Manage request in no time

Keep track of everything

Open revenue streams

Our agreements at your disposal

Built-in communication tool

Increase pre-arrival bookings

The Free Plan

Cost-Free Forever


Unlimited third party suppliers
Limited landing page
Limited commissions

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About us

Cohosting is a SaaS company that helps accommodations offer better, more complete, experiences to their guests.

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